Corporate Employee - Welcome Series Resources - Ensombl

Hi, I’m Kate Winkler, National Manager of Education & Engagement at Colonial First State and an Ensombl member for the last three years.

The Resource Centre is where you’ll find a few hundred shared files in the advice community categorised into advice topics for easy access and download.

If you’re like me and interested in business efficiency, here are a few of the most valuable downloads I have come across.

Technology reviews by advisors

In these short videos, advisors discuss and review the technology tools they have adopted in their practice to enhance their advice process.

These videos can help the corporate community better understand advisors’ pain points in their business to provide better solutions.

Advisor technology and efficiency hacks

You’ll get a better understanding on how advisors automate their processes, integrate different tools in their business and more.

My tips

Here are three tips for browsing files inside the Resource Centre:


Advice categories are listed alphabetically. Scroll to the bottom if you’re looking for things like Practice Management, Technology or Superannuation.


Click into a sub-category to view all resources related to that topic and download or watch anything that piques your interest.


These files are shared by advisors for you to use as inspiration and give you an idea of what resources are relevant to their busines.

To start exploring resources such as s advice process, strategies, product reviews and more...