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Hi, I’m Kate Winkler, National Manager of Education & Engagement at Colonial First State and an Ensombl member for the last three years.

As the employment landscape shifts, so has the method employees use to find great companies.

For many employees, it is no longer just about finding a job. Great candidates want to join businesses who’s values align with theirs. This will look different for different people. Some might value leadership, transparency and responsibility. For others, flexibility and working collaboratively might be important.


And yet too often, candidates don’t really get a sense of how a business demonstrates their values until they’ve started working in the business.

To help candidates find great
companies, Ensombl built a Talent Hub specifically for the financial advice sector.

Why I like Talent Hub:

The professionals on Ensombl are intentional about improving what they do and this naturally spills over to Talent Hub where the companies advertising have already started down the road of building a future-focused advice practice. They’ve got a progressive mindset and they want to play a role in driving the positive evolution of financial advice.

How to use Talent Hub:

1. View open job opportunities at

2. Search and filter for the role(s) you’re interested in. You can filter by Role Type, Work Type and Employment Type.

3. Read the job details and watch the intro video if the employer included one.

4. If there’s a job opportunity that piques your interest, you can submit an Expression of Interest direct to the employer.

5. It will then be up to the employer to reach out and start the recruitment process.

A candidate and an employer share their experience using Talent Hub

Ellie Fordham is a Brisbane-based advisor who applied for an open position at
Verse Wealth in Melbourne.


Ben Nash is a Sydney-based Principal who found two great candidates through Talent Hub.

Corey is a great leader, and I could tell that anyone working with him would really enjoy what that brings to their work. He was so transparent about the way they operate, and was more than happy to share that with me. Transparency and integrity are two qualities I really admire in a leader.

Ellie Fordham

Financial Advisor

My experience using Talent Hub was solid. We were approached by two candidates who were already talking our language, had some insight into new-age advice models, and we hired them fairly quickly from there.

Ben Nash

Founder & Financial Advisor

To view all available job opportunities specifically in the financial advice sector, head to Talent Hub here: