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I am thinking it could be great:

* for maybe a mum that got out of advice because they hated compliance but still really loved helping people and had some financial knowledge
* Someone that loves marketing / educating clients
* Someone that loves systems and processes (both helping create and following)
* Maybe a para-planner that is looking for a bit more variety
* A financial influencer who has experience with social media

I do advice differently – if you want to know more head to

About the role

I’m looking for someone who can support my online money program.

My Money Buddy has been in existence for over 2 years and had close to 200 people go through the program.

We are able to get clients amazing results without having to do sales meetings, SOA etc.

I have a proven formula and process I use for marketing & sales and as we have grown I am needing someone to help me execute.

* They would be responsible for scheduling social media for week
* Responding to incoming chats (so some financial knowledge would help)
* Welcoming people into Facebook community
* Helping ensure people take action and work their way through program

You wouldn’t need to:

* Do SOA’s
* Do Sales Calls
* Have Meetings with Clients
* Be licensed to give advice

We would do a generous revenue share rather than a set “wage” so sky limit with income.

The hours are 100% flexible and virtual – work when you like.

Skills and experience

If this sounds like you email me ( a quick video covering these 3 things:

* Why you love financial advice
* Why a virtual office with flexible hours would suit you
* Your favourite social media platform & why