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Hi, I’m Paul Mann, Principal Advisor at True Direction Financial Services and an Ensombl member for the last eight years.

For a time-poor business owner, evaluating job applications can be a substantial investment of your time.

If you’re going to invest your time to find your next great hire, you want to ensure prospective employees have the right skills and their values align with your business’.

This is what I love about Ensombl’s Talent Hub:

Your job ads are put in front of a network of progressive financial advice professionals. Anyone who is on Ensombl is intentional about improving what they do. They want to play a role in the positive evolution of financial advice.


All job ads will appear until the role has been fulfilled. There’s no time limit or additional payments required to keep your job ad active.

Two Financial Advisors share their experience with Talent Hub.

Ben Nash is a Sydney-based advisor and a good friend of mine who found two great hires through Talent Hub.

Sam Bonello is another advisor, from Byron Bay – who also found his next great hire through Talent Hub, and for a regional position.

My experience using Talent Hub was solid. We were approached by two candidates who were already talking our language, had some insight into new-age advice models, and we hired them fairly quickly from there.

Ben Nash

Founder & Financial Advisor

What I liked about Talent Hub was the person who contacted me was exactly what we needed, ready to go and we ended up employing that person. They’ve now been with us for six months and we have both agreed to proceed past the probation period and make it permanent and long-term. 

Sam Bonello

Senior Financial Advisor

To advertise your next role to a network of over 7,500 financial advice professionals, create your Talent Hub account here: