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Hi, I’m Silvia Wade, Director at Mutual Plans and an Ensombl member for the last three years.

The Q&A platform on Ensombl
is where you can post a question and receive 10+ constructive answers from other financial advice professionals in under 24 hours.

It’s peer-to-peer learning in real time. 

With thousands of conversations shared every year, and all discussions indexed...

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to find the content you’re most interested in. Try searching keywords like “tech stack”, “technology” or “client portal”.

Ensombl has worked hard to facilitate the kind of environment you’ll want to return to. Scrolling through the Q&A feed, you won’t find any ranting, venting or negativity.


You will see proactive members asking great questions and sharing their experiences to build better businesses and deliver better advice.


Collaboration and positivity are weaved heavily into the social fabric of Ensombl, which is why they have cultivated the most engaged online destination for financial advice professionals.

There is nothing out there like this for the advice community. What Ensombl has created is quite remarkable and evolutionary.

Here are two discussions I’ve found highly valuable as someone who supports my advisor clients to work more efficiently.

My takeaways from this discussion: 

Advisors are using ChatGPT to work more efficiently.


These are my favourite use cases:

My takeaways from this discussion: 

Advisors have given thorough reviews on several tech solutions including Xplan, Plutosoft, MyProsperity and more.


An essential question advisors are asking themselves is whether they opt for an all-in-one solution or find the best of breed for each tech tool in their company’s stack.

My tips

Here are three tips to post a great question and attract quality answers. I’ve learned the best answers come from being clear and concise when framing your questions.


Share your knowledge and expertise in a value-adding way, without any self-promotion (as per the Ensombl platform guidelines here)


Complete your profile so advisors can quickly understand more about you and your service.


Leave it up to the advisor to reach out to you if they would like more information about what you offer.

To stay on the pulse of advisor discussions, share your knowledge and build your profile within the Ensombl network, head to the Q&A section of Ensombl here: