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Hi, I’m Clint Nice, Senior Financial Planner at Profacc Financial Planning and an Ensombl member for the last five years.

Ensombl recently produced a digital whitepaper titled,

“Delivering Cost-Effective Advice with an Entrepreneurial Mindset”.

It was downloaded 2,000 times on launch day. Why? Because it is addressing a problem felt
by many Practice Principals –

How can advice teams achieve scale while operating within a tight compliance regime?

Four entrepreneurial advisors who look outside Financial Services for inspiration to grow their businesses were case-studied in this research, sharing their biggest learnings and results.

#1 One practice have made their advice process modular, and run their entire business virtually. They have experienced 75-100% revenue growth year on year.

#2 Another practice developed a Strategy and Options paper to make the SOA process more engaging for clients while remaining compliant – as the advisor understands clients want to pay for the action, not the production of a 100-page document. 

Ensombl produces written, video and audio education...

in response to advisor problems – which you’ll find at ensombl.com/articles.
Here are some of the best examples of resources for efficiency:

So how does Ensombl understand the problems advisors are trying to solve in their business?

They listen. In two ways:

Ensombl analyses the millions of words of conversation shared on their platform, and uses their AI to identify the problems and themes that exist within financial advice.

Ensombl’s product development team conduct hour long interviews with advisors to better understand why these problems exist.

Armed with this knowledge, Ensombl works with subject matter experts to co-create education with the Ensombl Advisor Network, and Ensombl’s Corporate Community.

Whatever the advice topic you’re interested in, you can explore the knowledge section of ensombl.com to find more written, video and audio education with advisor-shared learnings.