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Rainbow’s End -  An adviser's role in Australia’s intergenerational wealth transfer

Brought to you by Fidelity

Contributor: Fidelity International

The great intergenerational wealth transfer is already underway, with over $3.5 trillion expected to be transferred in Australia over the next two decades. But for advisors, does this reshaping of the wealth landscape represent an opportunity or a threat? Fidelity commissioned a comprehensive research project – Rainbow’s End – to understand the underlying dynamics of the wealth transfer trend. In this video, advisors and experts discuss the research findings, offering frontline insights into the role clients expect them to play in bringing different generations – and their wealth – together.

We would like to thank Fidelity for help us bring this project to life, and special thanks to our guests:

Simon Glazier: Head of Wholesale Sales, Fidelity International
Tanya Carlson: Director and Financial Adviser, Amplify Wealth Management
Harry Flaskas: Practice Principal, Atlas Wealth Advisory
Martin Jakovics: Director and Financial Adviser, Retire by Design

Download Fidelity’s latest research highlights strategies advisors can implement now into their practices in the Great Wealth Transfer.