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Ensombl platform Insights

What are advisors talking about, and what do they want?

The financial advice profession has proved itself to be highly resilient. Advisors themselves have risen above unrelenting regulatory change and structural disruption by remaining adaptable, innovative and client focused.


That’s not to say it has been easy.

Plotting a safe course through an uncertain, constantly evolving landscape is only possible when you can call on the wisdom, experience, and support of your professional peers.

A problem shared is a problem halved, and across the 8,000 member Ensombl community platform, thousands of conversations are taking place. Questions are answered, learnings are shared, ideas are socialised.


Twice a year, we take a deep dive into the heartbeat of advice, identifying the most talked about topics across our community, and drilling down to discover the most commonly occurring issues and challenges advisors are seeking to solve.

These findings are then distilled into our What Advisors Want report.

Download a copy and find out the top 10 topics your peers are talking about, right now.