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Advice Evolution, Sydney, Australia

Advice Evolution (AE) is a boutique Australian Financial Services License, with a growing national footprint of over 70 high quality financial advisers located right across the Eastern Seaboard of Australia (and we are looking to expand!)

AE is a smart virtual business that doesn’t waste money on big city offices and things that are of no use to advisers. We have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to increasing efficiency, which is why our simple, virtual business model has been so successful. We don’t mandate software or business practices that are above that required by the regulator. We employ young staff to keep our thinking contemporary.

– We run a supportive operations team through Virtual Business Partners (VBP) that each practice can utilise for any of their back office & licensee services.

– We offer our authorised representatives the option of gaining equity in the licensee to share in its future success and capital value. This allows AE representatives to have a direct voice in the decisions of the licensee.

Please visit our website for more info about AE:

About the role

Advice Evolution is the ultimate alternative to getting your own license!
Our philosophy is adviser freedom. We strive to enable our advisers to do what they do best – give great advice and build the wealth and independence of their clients.

If you are an adviser (based anywhere in Australia) looking for a better way of running your business, free from the bias of an institution, we would welcome the opportunity to have a chat and get to know what drives you and your business.
(We are also open to onboarding graduates!)

Call our Executive Officer Brooke on 0448 788 559 or email

Skills and experience

Fully qualified adviser