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Verse Wealth, Melbourne, Australia

About Verse

At Verse, we believe advice is not just about money – it’s about your entire life. Money is just fuel for living the life you want, which means something different to everyone.

To deliver on this, our approach is based on the values, intentions and financial well-being of our clients, so we can help them make great choices that optimise not just their finances, but their life.

We’ve created a client experience that is modern, technology-enabled, and high in connection and impact. As a testament to this, we’ve won numerous awards in the past 24 months including:

– FPA inaugural Advice Innovation Award
– IFA Client Servicing Adviser of the Year
– IFA Client Outcome of the Year
– IFA Individual Excellence Award

To learn more about us, visit:

About the role

Are you a high-performing Associate Adviser who...

🔵 Wants to work in a firm giving truly personalised and impactful advice?
🔵 Wants to progress faster toward your own career goals?
🔵 Wants to feel more valued for your contribution to clients and team?

If so, we've got an opportunity you might be interested in.

About the role

- Developing advice and strategies for new and existing clients that are mainly high-income professionals and pre-retirees that are wanting to make the most of their money.
- Advice scope includes goals-based planning, investing, superannuation, cash flow, tax strategies, entities and structures, debt strategies, employer share plans, and estate planning.
- Conducting ‘Introductory Chat’ meetings on Zoom with prospects to assess their suitability for getting financial advice
- Attending and assisting advisers in client meetings
- Assisting in the onboarding of new clients
- Liaising with paraplanning
- Reviewing Statements of Advice and Records of Advice.
- Communicating with clients to ensure they're getting a world-class client experience.
- Collaborate with our advice partners across property, accounting and mortgage broking to manage the client's financial strategy.

Why work with us?

- A fast-growing firm with an abundance of high-quality leads and new clients.
- We understand our clients in a deeply personal way by following our process based on the clients' values, intentions, and financial well-being. If you'd like, you can see how we track their financial wellbeing at:
- Be part of a world-class culture that is professional, innovative, and fast-paced.
- We're a real team, not just. a group of people that work at the same company so you won't be battling any egos.
- A client experience and advice process that is at the leading edge of modern advice.
- Operate in a high-performance environment, that's free of politics.
- A highly autonomous environment where you don't need to clock on or off so you can integrate work into your life, and not the other way around.
- Balance working remotely and from our office (which is a beautiful place to work).
- Recognised as a leader in financial advice defined by our approach and client experience, and validated by a range of awards.
- 100% fee-for-advice with no conflicts you need to talk your way through.
- Extremely well operationalised business with great systems and technology.
- We own and operate our own AFSL so we're not dictated by any licensee.
- Working at Verse helps people reach their potential so if you want to become a great Adviser in the future, you'll be in the right place.

Skills and experience

To be a fit for the role, you must:

- Have a minimum 2 years experience in financial advice.
- Have great character - that means you're a person of integrity and substance.
- Be self-motivated and have the ability to work unsupervised.
- Be passionate about the value of advice.
- Be willing to embrace our culture of innovation and selflessness.
- Have awesome time management skills and be great at prioritising.
- Already have good technical skills.
- Have great verbal and written communication skills.