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Astute Wheel is an Australian owned fin-tech business providing financial planning software and estate planning tools for financial advisers, accountants and lawyers.

Built by advisers for advisers, AstuteWheel was co-founded by Hans Egger (Certified Financial Planner), Michael Topper (Chartered Accountant) and Andrew Wardle (AFP).

Driven by the belief that financial advisers have an obligation first and foremost to their clients, the AstuteWheel Client Engagement platform succeeds in empowering financial advisers with innovative methods of enhancing their client experience.

Clients are rapidly educated and empowered to make informed financial decisions. Accordingly their perception of value in your advice rises dramatically, which inevitably leads to closer, more enduring client relationships.

Astute Wheel’s online client engagement tools and financial calculators provide a technological improvement to an adviser’s existing process. So the outcome for advisers, regardless of age or experience, is the delivery of better advice, to more clients.

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