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SuperGuardian has been passionately supporting Trustees, Financial Advisers and Accountants for more than 18 years.

SuperGuardian was established in 2002 and evolved out of a Chartered Accounting firm, Jaquillard Minns, based in Adelaide.

SuperGuardian is an independently owned, private company managed by Phil Jaquillard and David Minns, both shareholders and Directors of the company.

SuperGuardian is a Chartered Accounting firm and registered tax agent.

As a Chartered Accounting firm, we have strict controls, policies and procedures in place to ensure we provide a high-quality service to our clients. The only components of our service we outsource are audit, actuary and specific documentation functions. We have always believed in audit independence and have appointed external auditors.

SuperGuardian’s head office is in Adelaide, South Australia and a serviced office provides local capabilities in Melbourne. We have a team of dedicated and qualified Client Managers working out of both offices.

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