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0:00 – Intro
5:03 – Where Xeppo fits in the advice landscape.
9:09 – How to use the data that’s locked up in a lot of revenue and client financial advice tools and get better oversight of your business.
13:48 – The importance of having easy access to data.
20:48 – Capacity focus, and aligning thinking with efficiency.
24:03 – How do you measure the success of an advisor?
29:09 – The future of Xeppo.
30:38 – Why client portals are “the new black” for advice in 2023.
37:08 – The use case for benchmarking.
43:11 – Challenges in the CRM space and how to overcome them.
46:18 – Xeppo’s high-level aspirations for the future.
52:19 – Peita’s thoughts on Xeppo.

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