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0:00 – Intro
3:25 – Productivity apps and their impact on work.
7:10 – Google Suite and Microsoft Office use in financial analysis.
10:59 – Excel usage and shortcuts for improved productivity.
16:35 – Using Excel for financial modeling and best practices.
21:39 – Excel, VBA, and data analysis for financial advisors.
25:07 – Using Excel for financial modeling and client communication.
28:55 – Using Word templates and linking Excel data.
34:21 – Document design and layout for better readability.
39:45 – Using Excel and other tools for data analysis and visualisation.
44:30 – Using Chat GPT for generic descriptions.
48:34 – Automating tasks with Microsoft tools.
52:09 – AI use in financial planning and its applications.
58:46 – Using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook for paraplanning.
1:01:27 – Peita’s final thoughts on Word and Excel.

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