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0:00 – Intro
4:14 – Using AI in business, including chat GPT for editing and low-code technology for software development.
11:32 – AI development and its potential impact on businesses, including visual data analysis and handwriting recognition.
13:44 – AI’s rapid growth and its potential to transform businesses.
18:56 – How the Kiandra name came about.
23:20 – Software development and transformation projects for businesses.
28:29 – Using Kiandra’s low-code platform for digital transformation and automation.
33:08 – Tech innovations in Australia, including low-code platforms and AI-powered note-taking.
38:01 – Using Kiandra for business transformation, with insights on decision-making frameworks, speed, and tech debt.
47:25 – Custom software development process and warranty offered to clients.
52:57 – Delivering great outcomes in software development, involving client experience, team involvement, and structured decision-making processes.
58:19 – Improving customer engagement through portals, interactivity, and personalized experiences.
1:02:43 – The five stages of “stickiness”.

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