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0:00 – Intro
4:54 – James Wartho’s progression from manufacturing to finance, with focus on digital trading platforms.
8:38 – An introduction to FinTalkr.
13:36 – Improving financial advisor productivity using AI technology.
21:18 – Using FinTalkr for efficient meeting recordings and summaries.
26:01 – Creating a structured file note for advisors with FinTalkr.
30:04 – Organising and summarising financial meeting notes.
34:29 – Organising client information and streamlining advice process.
38:52 – Security measures in place to protect sensitive data.
44:22 – Integrating FinTalkr with other tools for seamless data transfer and advisor productivity.
50:05 – Using AI to improve financial advice, with a focus on compliance and risk management.

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