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Impact Investing

In this podcast series, join host Karen McLeod as she sits down with a selection of financial advisors and industry experts to unpack the nuances of impact investing, its evolution from niche to mainstream, and the strategies for integrating it into investment philosophies and client engagement processes.


Host: Karen McLeod


Impact Investing #1

In this first episode, Karen is joined by Hari Balkrishna, Global Equity Impact Portfolio Manager/Vice President, ESG & …

Impact Investing #2

Karen sits down with Justin Medcalf, Financial Adviser at Ethinvest, and Tim Fitzpatrick, Financial Adviser at Ethical Investment …

Impact Investing #3

In this instalment, Karen is joined by James Baird, Director and Principal Advisor at JustInvest Financial Planning. They …

Impact Investing #4

In this final episode, Karen is joined once again by Hari Balkrishna from T. Rowe Price, and Chris …

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