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Revealed Preferences: The Key to Deeper Client Understanding and Better Advice

In this podcast series, join host Dean Holmes and industry experts to explore revealed preferences – a new client insight method that unlocks fresh client data and better, more personalised advice.

Host: Dean Holmes


How to get Richer Client Insights for Better Advice: Revealed Preferences #1

In this first episode, Dean is joined by Simon Cammiss, Founder and Wealth Adviser at Wealthyer, and Shachar …

Advising Modern Couples Equitably: Revealed Preferences #2

In this episode, Dean talks with Mark Pearson, Senior Financial Advisor at Innovative Wealth Solutions, and Pat Spenner, …

Advising Australians on Sustainable Investing: Revealed Preferences #3

In this installment, Dean sits down with Adam Drinkwater, Senior Adviser and Partner at Treysta Wealth, and Bernard …

Engage Clients with Excellent Re-profiling: Revealed Preferences #4

In this final episode, Dean talks with Louise Parker, Principal at Financial Lifestyle Managers. The talk about how …

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