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John Perri is the Head of the North Platform Technical Strategy and TapIn team which comprises of five technical consultants and two technical strategy managers. In addition to managing the team, John also specialises in the areas of superannuation and retirement income streams. John has a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Accountancy and Management Studies), is a CPA and has a Diploma of Financial Planning. He is involved in representing North Platform on the Financial Services Council (FSC) Retirement Working Group and over the years he has met with key regulators. John was also a former director of the Australian Retirement Income Streams Association (ARISA), and a former Chair and member of the ARISA Technical Committee. In the past 39years, John has conducted over a thousand technical presentations to financial planners and accountants both in Australia and overseas. John has been at AMP in the TapIn team for 29 years. Prior to joining AMP, he spent 4 years with Connelly Temple, 3 years with St George Bank, and 3 years with the Australian Taxation Office in Sydney. Prior to joining Connelly Temple, John was a director of a company which administered and promoted self-managed superannuation funds.

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