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Pop the virtual champagne – XY Adviser celebrates its 100th podcast episode – and what a ride it’s been! We invited XY legend Naomi Christopher (@naomi_midwinter) into the studio to reflect and reminisce on early podcast episodes, the modern adviser conference and the day the XY Adviser idea was born.

We also discuss how the XY community has evolved thanks to incredible peer to peer engagement (shout out to XY champion Dylan Martin) and give insights into what it’s like to moderate a group of 2,500 + professionals.

We look at how far advice has come, where it’s headed and how the XY Community is going to help it get there. And in light of everything going on in the industry, Ben poses the question – in 12 months from now, will more or less people have a financial adviser?

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This podcast has been brought to you by Zurich Life & Investments (, one of the last true independent life insurers in Australia. Zurich has always believed in the value of advice and the professionals who provide it.

They continue to invest in programs such as this one that are designed to strengthen the health and reputation of the advice profession. We are proud to partner with Zurich to help shape the future direction of advice and make it more accessible to more Australians.

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