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Brian Parker (@parkernomics) is a public speaker and regular on Sky Business as Sunsuper’s Chief Economist ( Aside from great banter, Brian also has over 20 years’ experience in asset allocation, macroeconomics and the art of investing.

In this episode, Brian, Clayton and Adrian discuss key macro factors advisers need to be aware of as well as a snapshot of what’s happening across international markets. Brian also touches on jobs likely to be the source of growth in the future and what makes a sound investment. Adrian opens up the ethical investing and social business conversation while Clayton wants to know if AI is really making humans redundant in Financial Services.


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This podcast has been brought to you by Zurich Life & Investments (, one of the last true independent life insurers in Australia. Zurich has always believed in the value of advice and the professionals who provide it.

They continue to invest in programs such as this one that are designed to strengthen the health and reputation of the advice profession. We are proud to partner with Zurich to help shape the future direction of advice and make it more accessible to more Australians.

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