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Are you a Financial Adviser looking for ways to engage more people with their money? Learn from a business strategist, innovator and financial adviser who has created a platform giving more people access to great financial support to make better financial decisions.

Gavin Glozier (@GGlozier) is the Director & Co-Founder of Your Wealth Hub (YWH) ( who works with progressive employers to deliver financial wellness programs to employees designed to alleviate financial stress around money and improve workplace morale and productivity.

In this episode, Gavin explains how YWH is able to go into a workplace and give employees a safe space to discuss their financial problems, how Financial Advisers can leverage the power of education to help more people start engaging with their money, how Gavin runs four businesses while working remotely from Bali for part of the year and whether Gavin believes legislation will get re-written to de-couple financial advice from products post Royal Commission.

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This podcast is proudly supported by Netwealth (, an ASX listed company ranked #1 for overall platform functionality and user satisfaction by Investment Trends for the past three years.

Netwealth understands that the Financial Advice landscape is changing and is providing market leading technology to help you explore new perspectives and realise new efficiencies. Through excellent customer service and expertise, Netwealth are working with XY Advisers to innovate and drive Financial Advice forward.

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