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Being a Financial Advisor is not all that different to being a cop, according to Shane Black of Pearl Financial that is.

As an ex police officer, Shane uses behavioural psychology to help clients get in tune with what’s actually important to them, rather than what they think should be important to them.

He’s a ‘Masters of Applied Finance’ graduate who switched from law enforcement to Financial Advice in 2012 and has been helping his client’s kick their biggest financial and lifestyle goals ever since. When he’s not working with clients or spending time with his young son William, you can find him cracking plenty of (dad) jokes in the XY Facebook Group (

Here’s the nuggets of FP gold from this episode:

5:32 – Why Shane re-branded to his business four years ago

8:23 – What Shane’s work hours looked like before his son was born to now and how he’s adjusted his workflows

10:21 – Virtual outsourcing and the first task Shane gave to a virtual assistant

17:15 – Where Shane find clients and his referral strategy

23:02 – What is Shane working on in his business now? Hint: the key theme is content

29:45 – What Shane does really well as an advisor, and what he wants to be really good at next

39:15 – Shane’s mission, and why he enjoys working with professionals and business people

Show Notes:

Shane Black on LinkedIn –

Pearl Financial –

XY Adviser Online Training Platform –

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Netwealth understands that the Financial Advice landscape is changing and is providing market leading technology to help you explore new perspectives and realise new efficiencies. Through excellent customer service and expertise, Netwealth are working with XY Advisers to innovate and drive Financial Advice forward.

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