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There’s a new wave of Financial Advisors emerging. They’re courageous, they’re status quo disruptors and they want to deliver great advice with purpose.

And when it comes to purpose-driven advice, there’s arguably no one more determined than Tristan Scifo (LinkedIn:/tristanscifo) – the financial advisor, mentor and coach behind Purpose Advisory (

Tristan is a proud optimist and passionate ‘equipper of people’ who helps clients discover a deeper understanding of themselves, identify their purpose and mould a wealth creation strategy to suit.

He was also one of the 400 Dover Financial Advisors who were abruptly left without a license back in July 2018. So how did he bounce back from this challenge, and what has he been up to in his business? You’ll learn about this and much more over the next 45 minutes.

Episode highlights:

3:30 – So Dover collapsed and you lost your new license. What did you do next?

12:14 – How are you blending fulfilment retreats with Financial Advice?

24:21 – What is the new wave of Financial Advice?

28:45 – A real-life example helping clients find their truth and taking action

30:18 – The power of asking questions and challenging your clients goals

32:40 – The ‘Awesome Advisor’ concept and what a purpose-driven advice business looks like

41:35 – What’s the one thing the advice industry should change to become better?

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This podcast is brought to you by HUB24 (, an ASX listed company with over $10b in funds under management and one of the fastest growing platforms in the market. They believe in connecting advisors to innovative solutions that create opportunity, while delivering an awesome user and client experience. They’re big time supporters of advisors going solo and their BDM team are great to work with. We’re proud to partner with HUB24 – they’re big fans of the XY community and are continuing to help drive the positive evolution of financial advice.

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