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A question the Financial Advice industry has been asking for a long time is – how do we attract the 80% percent of people who do not seek advice?

To tackle this problem head on, Paridhi Jain (LinkedIn: /paridhi-jain) instead started asking – how can I educate people on money fundamentals and enable them to progress to a point in their life where they can afford to engage the services of a Financial Advisor? Enter Skilled Smart (

Before Paridhi founded Skilled Smart, she spent a lot of time talking to both potential students and financial advisors to better understand their problems and how she might be able to bridge this gap in money education.

Through Skilled Smart, Paridhi has developed a six week program and partners with finance professionals to teach and help adults navigate their way around the ‘money game’.

In this episode you’ll learn:

4:30 – What inspired you to start Skilled Smart?

14:53 – What are the other options for those who can’t afford advice?

20:50 – The importance of dialling down financial jargon and taking it back to basics when educating clients

24:50 – Two techniques you can use to better understand your clients problems

42:28 – What is the most important thing to learn about money?

48:40 – Is your program white labelled?

XY Adviser Online Training Platform –

This podcast is brought to you by HUB24 (, an ASX listed company with over $10b in funds under management and one of the fastest growing platforms in the market. They believe in connecting advisers to innovative solutions that create opportunity, while delivering an awesome user and client experience. They’re big time supporters of advisers going solo and their BDM team are great to work with. We’re proud to partner with HUB24 – they’re big fans of the XY community and are continuing to help drive the positive evolution of financial advice.

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