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Are you an insurance adviser who will be affected if the removal of insurance commissions goes ahead? If the RC’s final report has given your confidence a hit, Dean Mannix (LinkedIn:/deanmannix) of SalesITV ( is here to remind you of the valuable work you are doing and why he believes you should absolutely be remunerated accordingly.

This episode hits the proverbial ‘nail on the head’ on many topics, and there are so many incredible nuggets of information shared which relate directly to Advisers and how they can do their best work.

Dean Mannix is the undisputed expert when it comes to customer centric sales. He has taught sales in over 28 countries and to some of the smartest people in the world. Dean has also created two courses on the training platform, and both expand on everything he talks about in this episode with Adrian.

Episode highlights:

5:26 – Why Dean supports insurance advisers being compensated via commissions for the hard work they do

9:46 – How can advisers better articulate their value when it comes to insurance?

17:36 – Six key reasons why Advisers don’t get referrals, and how to avoid them

20:41 – Why your clients should be part of your BDM team

35:09 – How advisers can set the expectation of their value to the client

36:36 – The importance of telling a compelling story to your target demographic

40:26 – How to get out of the trap of trying to serve all prospects, and only focus on the ones you can deliver the most value to

Show Notes:

The SalesROI Methodology Course –

Grow Your Pipeline With Referrals –

XY Adviser Online Training Platform –

This podcast is brought to you by HUB24 (, an ASX listed company with over $10b in funds under management and one of the fastest growing platforms in the market. They believe in connecting advisers to innovative solutions that create opportunity, while delivering an awesome user and client experience.


They’re big time supporters of advisers going solo and their BDM team are great to work with. We’re proud to partner with HUB24 – they’re big fans of the XY community and are continuing to help drive the positive evolution of financial advice.

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