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In the startup world, adversity is a given. We always hear about successful businesses, but we rarely hear about the stressful and often volatile journey they undertook to get there.

Rohit Bhargava is the voice behind The Startup Playbook Podcast. He’s also seen both failure and success in his own business ventures.

In this episode, Adrian from XY and Rohit explore the many facets of startup life including tech, relationship building, the power of community and overcoming adversity – all of which can be attributed to life as an Adviser or as an Advice business owner.

Episode highlights:

8:20 – New ways of engaging your client base and prospects

11:40 – Some of the most interesting startup guests you’ve had on the show

19:20 – How adversity in business presents an opportunity

24:42 – The power of community when faced with adversity in business

27:53 – Relationship building versus transactional conversations

Show Notes:

Rohit Bhargava –

The Startup Playbook Podcast –

Playbook Media –


Twitter: @rohitbhargava7

IG: @rohit_bhargava

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