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Is Estate Planning part of your holistic value proposition as a Financial Advisor? Do you cringe when you think about starting the EP conversation with your clients?

Tara Lucke is the Estate Planning expert who believes Advisors are in the best position to help their clients reach peace of mind by protecting the assets and lifestyles they work so hard to acquire.

She’s so passionate about helping Advisers use Estate Planning to entrench themselves as their client’s trusted advisor and grow their businesses, she’s created an entire blueprint course called ‘The Art of Estate Planning’ on the XY online training platform (

Episode highlights:

7:00 – Is Estate Planning for lawyers, Advisors or both?

12:50 – Why aren’t Advisers getting involved in the EP process?

14:27 – Becoming your client’s trusted advisor

21:20 – The four fundamentals of Estate Planning

26:07 – How to subtlety position Estate Planning in client conversations

32:28 – Let’s talk Testamentary Trusts!

Show Notes:

Tara Lucke LinkedIn –

Tara Lucke website –

The Art of Estate Planning Community –

This podcast is brought to you by Virtual Business Partners (, an offshore outsourcing solution designed for Financial Services businesses to improve back office operation, reduce costs and help change how financial advice is delivered in Australia.

We’re proud to partner with Virtual Business Partners who is working to create progressive change within the advice industry and help drive the positive evolution of financial advice.

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