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We’re interrupting our Plan, Product, Profit series to bring you a special one off episode which is less about how to become an awesome adviser and more about – potentially – one of the biggest stories in Financial Advice right now. We’re talking about Terry McMaster and the collapse of Dover.

Here’s just some of the questions Clayton has for Terry:

7:10 – Why are you so controversial, even as an individual, in Financial Services?

11:32 – Why do you think Dover was high on ASIC’s radar?

22:20 – What led to you being called to the stand at the Royal Commission?

38:00 – Why did Dover pick up the tagline ‘the licensee of last resort’ and what is your response to this?

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We’re proud to partner with Virtual Business Partners who is working to create progressive change within the advice industry and help drive the positive evolution of financial advice.

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