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On today’s episode, we’re continuing the conversation on how to nail the planning phase of an awesome advice business. We’ve brought in XY legend and gun adviser James Millard to share the Sufficient Funds story and give us the low down on the following:

-What do you charge for your initial meeting?

-What does your ideal client look like?

-How you transitioned from the corporate world into being a self-employed adviser

-How did you approach the planning phase of your business?

-plus plenty more…

Episode Resources:

James Millard LinkedIn – Sufficient Fundz Blog –

This podcast is brought to you by Virtual Business Partners (, an offshore outsourcing solution designed for Financial Services businesses to improve back office operation, reduce costs and help change how financial advice is delivered in Australia.

We’re proud to partner with Virtual Business Partners who is working to create progressive change within the advice industry and help drive the positive evolution of financial advice.

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