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Daring. Different. Disruptive. Fox & Hare are taking everything we know about the ‘traditional’ approach of giving advice and breaking it, re-shaping it and re-building a framework (from the ground up might we add) that is value driven and specifically tailored to help their clients live a life they aspire to.

You could say Glen Hare and Jessica Brady were both crazy (and some people did) for leaving behind highly successful corporate roles to start their own advice firm and without purchasing a single book of clients. You could say they are still crazy for the 13+ hour days they put in and the Saturday morning client meetings they organise on the regular.

But it’s when you digest the ‘whys’ of what they do that you realise they’re not crazy at all, they’re passionate. From this XY Live, here’s a summary of what two courageous and driven individuals are doing to change the way we deliver advice, straight from the Fox & Hare’s mouth:

  • How to create a manageable and productive work/life balance
  • Lessons learnt around building an advice firm from scratch
  • Which area of the market they saw was not being serviced
  • Understanding their client’s frustrations and overcoming them
  • How to show the value of a client proposition and not sell it
  • Why critiquing is so important for business growth and the best way to get valuable feedback (think focus groups)

And plenty more…

Glen and Jessica believe everyone has some kind of financial aspiration, but most just don’t have a game plan. They are making it their mission to understand their client’s pain points and then move mountains to overcome them.


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