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Is this the most useful whitepaper ever produced in Financial Services?

Benjamin Marshan is at the forefront of a digital whitepaper having just been released by the FPA and encompassing months (and months) of research looking at the marketplace relative to Fintech and the Financial Services industry. We have an accidental run-in at Bunnings to thank for the idea which kick started a project analysing over 400 Fintech startups and piecing together a document designed to act as a ‘thought starter’ when looking at practice efficiencies and the advice process.

Ben addresses the obvious pain points being felt by most advisers like which technologies should we be implementing in our practices and questions that perhaps we haven’t even considered – is there a benefit to working with Fintech companies that look to exclude the adviser? Here’s our favourite takeaways from this week’s XY Live:

  • Why it’s important to map out the entire advice giving process within your practice and how to address inefficiencies
  • Ben’s thoughts on advisers being replaced by robots
  • The key area in the advice process that is lacking Fintech
  • Why Ben wants to disrupt the way we present the SOA and how he plans on doing it
  • How ASIC is monitoring new Fintech companies and their duty of care for clients
  • How to decide on which technologies to implement into your practice

With chapter titles such as ‘Do you know how to Fintech’, this interactive digital whitepaper is chock-a-block full of useful information, tips and advice which you can implement into your practice now and evolve into the future. Don’t worry, there is also a paper version available here which can be downloaded, saved, opened, printed, stapled, read and then probably lost in amongst all the other paperwork floating around your office. Or, check out the digital version here and experience interactive technology in the way your client’s may just be able to do so with your advice presentation soon.

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