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If straight up insight and opinion on the royal commission and areas around best interest duty, tough regulation for advisers and everything in between makes your ears prick up then this XY Podcast is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

With punchy lines like “are they bad advisers or just good employees”, Aleks Vickovich, author of G’day USA, award-winning journalist and legend commentator in the financial services space, ignites a constructive and thought-provoking discussion that looks into what brought this Royal Commission to light, implications that are likely to arise for various stakeholders and Aleks’ crystal ball prediction on the result of this 12-month inquest.   Surrounding the buzz that is the royal commission, both Aleks and the XY panel also touch on other important topics affecting financial advisers like:   • Why more and more advice businesses are looking to self-licence • The barriers advisers face having a responsibility to their client’s but also to their employers – think professional ethics vs. KPI’s. • Implications for advisers regarding best interest duty and the way it is viewed by the law versus being viewed by a judge • Why Aleks believes it’s paramount that the industry differentiates between financial product salespeople and holistic advisers but why both play an important role for consumers.   Aleks Vickovich is a man of many words. He is willing to say what most are thinking and backs it up with facts and figures that can only come about by surrounding himself with the political play makers and financial industry shakers. This podcast is bound to give you plenty of insight, ideas and perspective.   Enjoy!

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