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At the age of 20, James Millard had it all figured out. He was going to make it big in the clothing industry, sell his ‘Insufficient Funds’ branded T-shirts to Billabong and never work a day in his life. Unfortunately for James this dream never eventuated, but fortunately for us, this failed business venture sent James down a 10-year career path in personal finance for which he now co-owns YOLO Financial Services, hustles a lifestyle blog called ‘Sufficient Fundz’ and shares with us a some of the cool and innovative things he and his partners are trying within their business.

Amongst the many topics discussed, here’s some we really liked:

  • How YOLO developed an in-depth marketing plan and how they are catering to three very different client demographics
  • The (really cool) types of content marketing James and YOLO are focusing on in 2018
  • What James thinks is one of the best business play cards you can have (hint: it rhymes with ‘biting a hook’)
  • Why it’s difficult for advisers to incorporate an element of ‘story telling’ and how to not just overcome it, but nail it
  • Why there is a massive market for one-to-many online courses and who benefits most from this kind of business model

Between juggling a financial planning business, maintaining a blog and recently adding the title ‘Dad’ to his repertoire, James has also kindly put his hand up to be the MC at our upcoming event in Sydney (thanks legend!) with a discussion around starting and scaling an advice business. With a power panel of speakers and an MC all with startup financial advice practices, it’s guaranteed to be a night full of great ideas, advice and inspiration. Click here to grab your tickets.


And as always, a big thank you to our major partner Zurich and to SunSuper for the continued support.

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