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Glen James is the financial adviser whose life does not revolve around his work. Instead, he moulds his work around his life up on the Central Coast and enjoys every minute of it. After starting his business Fortify Financial at the ripe age of 25, Glen recalls being young enough and dumb enough to think he could do it – and it turns out he could. With 8 years under his belt as a self-employed adviser, Glen has discovered what works and what doesn’t work in his business and shares with us some of the lessons and ideas he has picked up along the way, like:

  • Why he will only meet with clients on his terms (and what those terms are)
  • Glen’s guaranteed way to lock in a financial relationship with a client
  • How to find a quality dealer group and build a strong professional relationship with them
  • How Glen is using his ‘2k18 Savings Challenge’ as a one to many approach and the response he is getting
  • Why he uses the review process to re-educate his clients and how effective it is
  • How he built his ‘Sort Your Money Out’ podcast from scratch
  • Why Glen tells people he retired at 25 and what he loves about being a financial adviser

Plus much, much more…

This podcast is full of witty remarks, memorable one-liners and a bunch of new ideas and strategies that will have you thinking about how to shake things up within your practice and with your clients.


As always, we’d like to give a big shout out to our major partner Zurich and to SunSuper for the continued support.

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