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If you’re an active member in the XY community, you’ve probably seen her name start to pop up regularly, you may have even connected with her some way, somehow. But what do you actually know about XY’s newest team member, the new Community Manager – Emily Blanch?

Experience wise, Emily is a mixed bag of paraplanning, online media and writing, but she is totally in her element when she is delivering an unforgettable client or customer experience. She can’t tell a story without using her hands and if she could, she’d climb to a tall building somewhere and shout it out to the world that travelling (at some point in your life) is without a doubt the best thing you can do for your health, your wealth and your happiness.

Amongst the travelling stories, the clichés (all of the clichés) and some of the amazing things XY Adviser has coming up this year, here’s our favourite highlights:

  • Why travelling is sometimes the best career advice you can give
  • Clayton’s greatest success emotionally with clients as a financial adviser
  • Why a lifestyle change can open up a world of new opportunities
  • The brand-new look and feel of XY
  • The big names we are determined to get on the XY Podcast this year
  • How Adrian is looking to combine the skillsets of accountants and advisers to maximise the value provided to clients
  • And what does beer and financial advice have to do with each other?

If travelling has ever been on your radar, we’re pretty sure Emily’s stories will have you wanting to book a ticket overseas now (apologies to employers everywhere). But if getting an employee back with a fresh perspective, a new outlook and a sense of accomplishment and motivation, we think that’s a pretty good return on investment.

P.S. This podcast is best enjoyed with a cold beer!


And as always, a big thank you to our major partner ZURICH and also to SunSuper for the continued support.

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