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“Our mission is to be the Amazon of Comparison sites” – Fred Schebesta

When it comes to Fred Schebesta, we could tell you about the digital agency business he started and then sold to a publicly listed company at the ripe age of 25. We could tell you about the plethora of awards he’s received OR we could just tell you that Fred has got the ‘direct to market’ business model crafted down to such a fine art, it’s the reason his company receives over 6 million unique visits a month! So what’s his secret?

If you want to:

  • Understand your audience and clients better than anyone else
  • Know how to create amazing content that speaks to your different consumer personalities
  • Learn how advisers and companies like Finder can foster highly valuable partnerships
  • Open your mind to the possibilities of Cryptocurrency

…then this podcast has your name written all over it.

Let us let Fred leave you with this – “If you think that crypto is a scam, a pyramid scheme or it’s non-existent, you sound like someone who is looking at the early internet”.

And that’s coming from a guy who is about to launch a platform where sophisticated investors can buy cryptocurrency between $250k up to $300million!


A big thank you to our major partner Zurich and also SunSuper for the continued support.

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