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For those eagerly awaiting a smooth and sultry solo podcast from Clayton Daniel, unfortunately (or fortunately?!), thanks to Ben Nash you’ll have to continue waiting for that one. In this episode, Ben and Clayton shoot the breeze and give us an update on the XY Adviser community and discuss why this awesome group just might be the sanity check we all need as to where we, as advisers and the industry itself is headed.

We especially loved the conversation around these topics:

  • The astounding stats on XY’s group conversations (hint: it’s in the 4 digits)
  • The compounding effects of fostering a community full of people dedicated to pushing our profession forward
  • How to leverage the demand for direct consumer financial education
  • The three types of clients and the biggest market gap
  • The education debate and the impact this will have on advisers

So what does the future of financial advice look like? Will more or less people seek out a financial adviser and what does the financial services profession look like in 10 years’ time?

A big thank you to our major partner Zurich and also to Sunsuper for the continued support.

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