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We think it’s fair to say that despite being one of the most debated topics within the XY Community, it’s also a topic that fosters the biggest absence of knowledge. We are of course talking about… cryptocurrency.

To combat this, we’ve brought in one of the most qualified people in this space to define, debunk and dive into the ins and outs of cryptocurrency. As a qualified accountant, stock broker, financial adviser and business coach to over 4,000 financial planners, Warrick Pleash (@warrickpleash) the now partner manager of Bitcoin Trader ( uses some awesome (and hilarious) analogies to explain what crypto is, what a blockchain is, how crypto is valued, where it sits relative to estate planning, market volatility of bitcoin and crypto’s place within an investment strategy.

The aim of this podcast is to simply help advisers understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrency better so that when faced with a question about the evolving ‘internet money’ from a client, a loved one or a friend, they can handle it from an informed and educated space.

A big thank you to our major partner Zurich ( and Sunsuper ( for the continued support.

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