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After ‘retiring’ from the unique Latvian sporting code that is Novus, Berin Delforce (@stickmanwealth) of Stickman Wealth Management ( switched the snooker-like table for SOA’s. He never initially had his sights set on Financial Planning though. It was only after a tumultuous job history (his words, not ours) that he saw a great entrepreneurial opportunity within the industry.

Not too dissimilar to the Novus game, this podcast bounces around in all kinds of directions and elaborates on some great topics such as Berin’s early business challenges, the philosophy behind his awesome business name, the key to successfully outsourcing, when you should niche down in a business and how advisers can delight their clients.

While touching on the client experience, Berin throws it out to the audience and asks what other XY advisers are doing to delight their clients; to go beyond the expected level of service and differentiate themselves in the market. You can jump in on the conversation and reach out to Berin at

A big thank you to our major sponsor HUB24 ( and to Centuria ( for the continued support.

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