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Caitlin Iles’ (@ms_iles) story is one we’re sure Universal Studios wish they could get their hands on. After discovering she was dyslexic in year 12 she then went on to start a property investment company in Dubai at the age of 24, receive an invitation to Necker Island from ‘Mr. Virgin’ himself and is now creating the largest portfolio of female founded startups through her Venture Capital firm Capital XX (

Her extensive knowledge and passion becomes very apparent as she explains the current situation and the benefits of having female founders in the startup world, the most important trait entrepreneurs need to have, how to carry out due diligence on potential investments, why the traditional VC model hasn’t necessarily been the most optimal and how advisers, both male and female can (really) disrupt the financial advice space.

To anyone who has ever thought of giving the startup world a go, especially those with the XX chromosome, do not let fear, concern or worry get in the way because “to be an entrepreneur, you need to be a little bit crazy” – Caitlin Iles.

A big thank you to our major partner HUB24 ( and also to Centuria ( for supporting the podcast that is driving the positive evolution of financial advice.

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