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XY Adviser started when a handful of curious financial advisers wanted to know what others in the industry were doing and how they could improve their business practices. From just a couple hundred members to now etching towards 2,000 with an average active user rate of 70% each day, it’s obvious the Facebook Group ( is the heart and soul of what makes the XY community so great!

In this podcast, Clayton and Adrian discuss how the community has evolved over time and give us a sneak peek at the biggest thing to hit XY in just a few weeks (hint: it will provide a crazy level of value for advisers!). The conversation also steers in other directions as they shoot the breeze on the best adviser business model, how to incorporate tech while still providing a high touch client experience, the benefit of having an initial consult fee and how advisers could incorporate ‘lifestyle management’ into their value proposition.

Opinions, ideas, hacks and rants – this episode has it all.

A big thank you and virtual high five goes out to our major partner HUB24 ( and also to Centuria ( for their support in helping us collectively drive our profession forward.

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