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Ensombl is a platform where I can stress-test ideas with my peers to make sure I am building the absolute best advice process for my clients.

If you have ever been the sole advisor within an advice practice, you’ve undoubtedly felt isolated at times.

Prior to joining Ensombl, Clint Nice (former Director of West Coast Financial Strategies) had no peers to bounce ideas around with, and more importantly, no mechanism to benchmark his advice outcomes and client experience against industry best practice.

Clint often felt like he was almost flying blind; doing the best he could with the resources he had, yet always wondering if there were strategies he could adopt to make his process even more efficient and to deliver a more meaningful and valuable client experience.

For Clint, the adage ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ seemed incredibly apt.

After joining Ensombl, the first thing Clint noticed was the speed with which other advisors provided answers to burning questions. Rather than waiting two or three weeks to source an answer, Ensombl advisors were quick to reply, often sharing their ideas and expertise within minutes of a question being posted. Clint quickly realised he could post a question and receive a highly relevant and trustworthy answer almost instantaneously.

We asked Clint to share what he finds most valuable about being a part of the Ensombl platform:

“The biggest benefit I experience is being able to post and share things I’m building within my advice process – like my insurance needs analysis spreadsheet – and then receive comprehensive, responsive feedback from other advisors, including their ideas and suggestions to improve it. It’s a self-perpetuating feedback loop that allows me to build better tools for my business, and do it quicker than I ever could on my own.

There is a huge community of advisors on Ensombl who are willing to give up their time to help others in our profession improve. I think historically there was always an artificial sense of competition among advisors, a case of ‘our office versus everyone else’s office’. Ensombl has flipped this on its head. Now, it really feels like we are all in this together, working collaboratively to deliver the best advice we can, and to help more people access great financial advice.”

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