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Through Ensombl I have been able to collaborate with a network of industry peers to improve the technology and technical aspects of my advice process, which has substantially improved my practice.


You’re not alone if you’re a financial advisor trying to make sense of an ever-changing landscape. 

Nathan Fradley, a Senior Financial Advisor at Tribeca Financial, also felt this when he started his business Lime Financial Planning. As a sole advisor and business owner, Nathan constantly juggled the workload for his clients and the responsibilities of running a practice.

Staying on top of regulatory change, market volatility, and his professional development obligations saw him with a seemingly never-ending to-do list. In trying to stay on top of this list, Nathan unconsciously isolated himself, foregoing important opportunities to connect with his peers at industry events.

As a business owner, Nathan identified several bottlenecks in his advice process he needed help to solve for the good of his clients and his bottom line. These ranged from relatively straightforward process streamlining, to more complex and technical problems. At the same time, he needed to find support staff who were dependable, and capable of helping him run the business.

Nathan realised if he was going to improve substantially, he needed insights from other advice professionals who were succeeding in the areas he was seeking to improve, which is why he joined the Ensombl community platform. 

Having been a member of Ensombl for several years now, Nathan says his whole perspective on how he runs his practice has changed for the better, setting his career and business on a clear upward trajectory.

Nathan found the more he used the platform, the more he grew his network in Financial Advice.

With every question he posted and every discussion he engaged in, he gained more and more acquaintances in the industry. As a result, he was able to collaborate with other Ensombl members on specific areas of his business, substantially improving the technical aspects of his advice process and eventually gaining lifelong friends in the process.

Another aspect of his business he desperately wanted to improve was his technology stack, as a key driver of practice efficiencies. By reaching out to his peers and accessing the many conversations already taking place on this topic within the community he was able to get a clear picture of the IT solutions that could potentially suit his needs. He then shared a flowchart of that tech stack with others in the Ensombl network, creating a feedback loop that not only benefited other members, but enabled him to incorporate further improvements. 

As a result of this collaboration, Nathan was able to configure his tech and client processes to optimise the gathering of client data prior to the first meeting. Nathan estimates his success rate in this area is now an impressive 95%.

Once Nathan had the process side of his business humming, he then proceeded to work on another business goal: find a fantastic support staff member to help him execute the processes he now had set up. Through conversations and connections on the Ensombl platform, Nathan met and hired his current advisor, associate Daniel Nel.

By utilising the Ensombl platform, Nathan believes it has taken him two years to introduce business improvements that would otherwise have taken him 10+ years to figure out on his own, And most importantly to Nathan, through Ensombl, he has expanded his network and connected with people who are now some of his best friends.

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