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Recorded at the 2022 FPA Professionals Congress, Danni, Fraser and Clayton sit down with different speakers and attendees to discuss their insights on the current state of advice and where it’s headed in the future.

Brett Wright
Founder of LifeBid
Brett Wright LinkedIn
LifeBid Website

Cameron Peck
Director at Safeguard Life
Cameron Peck LinkedIn
Safeguard Life Website

Kerry Darton
Founder of Clarity Financial Advice
Kerry Darton LinkedIn
Clarity Financial Advice Website

Jason Burley
Senior Financial Planner at Burley Aged Care Advice
Jason Burley LinkedIn
Burley Aged Care Advice Website

Assyat David
Director at Aged Care Steps
Assyat David LinkedIn
Aged Care Steps Website

Nick Eatock
CEO at intelliflo
Nick Eatock LinkedIn
intelliflo Website

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You can get a transcript of this podcast here

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